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Vanilla Cookies

This great recipe is usually made during Easter on Chios. It is something special that will bring a different taste in your daily cooking routine.

	- 1 kilo of flour
	- 500 gr of butter
	- 300 gr of sugar
	- 3 eggs
	- 1 small cup of liqueur or brandy
	- 1 teaspoon of baking powder
	- 3 vanillas
	- 1 small cup of lye
	- 1 egg and 1 spoonful of milk for the spreading

Preparation: Sieve the flour and add the baking powder. Into a separate bowl, mix the butter and the sugar until they get frothy. Add the eggs one by one and continue mixing. Add the vanillas, the brandy and the lye. Then add gradually the flour. Once the mixture is ready, shape the cookies in different forms, put them into a large baking pan and spread with egg and milk. Bake the cookies in high temperature (200oC) for about 20 minutes.